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Ryan Bennett

Ryan is a business and leadership coach who believes that investing in the growth of your people is the best way to invest in the growth of your business. In the first decade of his career, he held leadership positions in growing companies and worked with a wide variety of people whose roles ranged from sales to operations to engineering. During these years, Ryan learned how to get the most out of teams by studying how to lead, develop, and coach the individuals who comprise them. Since deciding he wants to grow people instead of businesses, Ryan is now focused on coaching the next level leaders (read: Millennials) within companies and has worked with brands such as BAC Music, Chick-fil-A, and Northwestern Mutual.

Ryan is also the founder of the Intentional Leadership School which is a six-week personal leadership course designed for individuals to define into their core values, set goals, and become more self-aware through tools like StrengthsFinder 2.0© and Emotional Intelligence and ultimately creating an action plan for their personal development.

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Email: ryan@ryanabennett.com
Phone: (816) 898-3331

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