I’m Ryan Bennett

High-Performance Coach | Author | Speaker

I guide people to be more intentional with their lives, businesses, and teams.


Author of: The Intentional Day – A Proven Guide for Intentional Growth


Keynote Speaker: Inspire and guide your team to live an intentional life

The Intentional Day Book

Quarterly guide designed for high-performance people that provides a path to become the person they never thought possible

The Intentional Day Program

4-week academy where Ryan Bennett guides you to reach your full potential in all the areas of your life

Intentional Leadership Academy

11-week academy where Ryan Bennett coaches your next-level leaders on how to be high performing leaders in your organization

Intentional Teams

Customized program for your team where Ryan Bennett coaches your people to reach their full potential and win together

About Me

I am a High-Performance Coach, Author, and Speaker who guides people to reach their full potential in their lives, businesses, and teams through my proven method of intentional growth.

As a former ESPN Academic All-American, I decided to channel my competitiveness from baseball to business by founding a startup company in Silicon Valley. After a few years of iterations and modest growth, I became a statistic when I had to shut down the company.

As I reflected on that experience, I realized that in the same way I developed myself as an athlete–to be a high performer on the baseball field, I must apply that same method to become a high performer in business. Unfortunately, it took a failed business to figure that out. From that experience, I developed a formula for growth called the Intentional Growth Model™️.

Around that same time, I was asked to be a founding team member of a tech startup company again. I applied all that I learned from my previous experience to help make this company a success. Over 7 years, we intentionally built the company from just an idea into a successful, venture backed brand with Fortune 500 clients.

Taking what I learned about high-performance intentional growth, I wrote a book based upon the growth formula and now get to coach people on how to reach their full potential to teams, businesses, and people across the Country. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Living an Intentional Life Today!